Drew Dolan, composer
Drew Dolan,    composer



Hearts & Minds


For Flute Duo

Full Score


Impatient, yet of perfect temperature.

(2012, rev. 2018)

For String Quartet


Mbira Me 

(2014, rev. 2015)

For Mbira and Toy Piano


Celebrity Obsession


For Woodwind Quintet

Full Score


Driving in the Dark


For Chamber Rock Band


It's Not About the Money

1.  The Money

2.  Against the Clock


For Viola and Piano

Full Score





1.  Closing the Dives of Medicine Lodge

2.  All Nations Welcome Except Carrie

(2017, rev. 2020)

For Solo Toy Piano


Echoes of the Hatchet


1.  Touch Not, Taste Not, Handle Not

2.  All Nations Welcome Except Carrie

3.  The Smashing

4.  Spiritual Authority



Theatrical song cycle for Mezzo-Soprano (also performing percussion and toy piano)




For Solo Piano


Employees Only


For Solo Percussion

Full Score




For Solo Organ


The Mysterious Fountain


For Solo Piano

Full Score


Flavor Profile


For Solo Percussion

Full Score


Inventio Fortunata


For Solo Flute

Full Score


Christmas Eve, 2003


For Solo Piano

Full Score





Our Little Secret 


Full Score


You Know You Want To


For String Orchestra or Piano Quintet (alternate orchestration)






Melon Planet


In collaboration with artist Jiemei Lin




Improvisation with accordion and robotic car

In collaboration with designer Guan Wang


That's Not a Knife 


For Fixed-Format Audio


Current/Upcoming Projects: 

Echoes of the Hatchet

Premiere Information Forthcoming

Kate Tombaugh, Mezzo-Soprano/Percussion/Toy Piano


New Piano Work (in progress)

for Kristofer Rucinski

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